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About Oemi Baby

Some companies are founded on great inventions or sudden waves of creative inspiration. Ours was the product of play time in our parents’ basement as kids.

We didn’t know it then, but as sisters pretending to run a posh fashion store for hours on end, we learned early on that we both loved design and the thought of running a business together. Years passed and we followed different career paths, but we never gave up on that dream. It wasn’t until we had children of our own that we were swept over by our own wave of inspiration.

After lugging around (and eventually replacing) more than our fair share of impractical and unattractive diaper bags, we realized that most baby accessories simply didn’t meet the needs of parents interested in both form and function. We were tired of being asked to sacrifice our sense of fashion and style in the name of so-called practicality. We wanted more from the over-priced and under-performing products we bought—and so did other parents.

We love creating gorgeous new products for our amazing customers, and we especially love providing them with a worry-free shopping experience. And that’s why we know you’ll love your next Oemi Baby purchase.

Portrait of Vanessa Richardson Vanessa Richardson co-owner Our products balance style, quality and functionality

Vanessa has a background in media and communications and has done extensive event management work for the likes of the Ottawa 67’s hockey club and the Association of Ontario Midwives. Good with people and numbers, she’s the business side of Oemi Baby, making sure the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted. Vanessa is a proud mother of two energetic boys, as well as co-owner and operator of Oemi Baby with her sister Faye.

Portrait of Faye Mckenzie Faye Mckenzie co-owner Our products are designed to respect the environment

Faye has always had a keen eye for design. She’s the one who decided which crayon colours to put to those fashion plates so many years ago in our parents’ basement. It’s no surprise that she now designs Oemi Baby’s entire product line. Besides being the creative force behind Oemi Baby—and her sister Vanessa’s business partner— Faye is a passionate mompreneur and the proud mother of two young boys.

Our commitment to giving back

Another thought crossed our mind when we founded Oemi Baby: what’s the point of building a company if you don’t try to make the world a better place at the same time?

It’s why giving back is a cornerstone of our business. In our view, success isn’t just about a strong bottom line, it’s about being able to give where needed. We knew that producing quality products and providing the very best customer experience could deliver the success we needed to help brighten lives around the world. It’s why we’re truly grateful for every opportunity and each and every customer purchase. So, what exactly are we doing to give back?:

  • As part of our focus on the environment, we sponsor three elephants in Kenya

  • Our Giving Blankets got their name when we decided to donate $1 from each sale directly to a list of charities that we select quarterly based on submissions from our website

  • We donate a selection of our Signature Sleepers every winter to charities in the area, who in turn donate them to low-income or homeless mothers of infants

  • We recently donated 40 Signature Sleepers to two local women who were visiting an African village, and who then distributed the clothing to local families

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